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Depending on the gambling club that you have chosen for betting, the concept of casino comp points may strongly differ. For example, there are venues where points are used for leveling up in loyalty programs. Mason Slots Online Casino is one of these places. You cannot spend such points, but depending on your level or rank, you can receive some exclusive bonuses such as cashback and free spins. There are also casino points that are used as an inner currency for exchanging for extra cash rewards. These points you can earn in various competitions and tournaments.

The Ways Of Receiving Casino Points

As we’ve already mentioned, there are two main types of points: “inner currency points” and “loyalty points”. Everything is clear about the second type – you need to play slots as much as possible in order to move higher in the hierarchy and reach new levels. The inner currency is earned in several ways, which may differ depending on which online casino you are playing at. Firstly, you can participate in special events such as slot races, poker tournaments, and regular competitions among players. This is the most common method of earning points. Secondly, you can get points as a bonus when registering or when certain conditions are met: complete filling of the profile, inviting friends, and so on.

Always check if the casino has any restrictions on what games you can play to earn comp points! By doing this, you may save a lot of time. 

What can I spend casino points on?

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Basically, casino points earned in tournaments and various races are exchanged for different prize rewards (cash and free spins). Some casinos have the special function of exchanging points for real cash. You can withdraw such virtual money to a bank card or electronic wallet, and then use it at your own discretion.

In addition to this classic use, you can spend points on extra bets to double or even triple your winnings. This method is more suitable for reckless and courageous players than for ordinary ones because the risk of losing everything is too big

The Main Benefits Of Casino Points

Now, let’s list the main advantages of comp points so that you can understand what the reason for collecting them is:

  1. Comp points can significantly simplify the gambling process, allowing you to place bets much more often.
  2. The financial benefit is obvious! You will win more and more often with casino points. Using them will greatly affect your balance!
  3. There is a good deal of them! Getting casino points is not a matter of hard work – you will get them for the simplest actions!
  4. Exclusive rewards! Sometimes you will be able to exchange them for unique prizes such as a VIP account, personal manager, low withdrawal limits, and so on! 
  5. No conditions! Everyone can get comp points, even an absolute newbie. There are no special terms and conditions!

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