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Are you looking for a reliable forecast of the development of the gambling market in the coming years? Do you want to know what new projects will appear and which ones have already come into sight? What will happen to the mobile games market and when will full-fledged VR casinos finally appear? Well, then we advise you to carefully read this guide at TonyBet as it contains a lot of useful information and forecasts from market professionals.

New Mobile Games

The mobile gambling entertainment market is growing rapidly. Already millions of people around the world cannot live a day without playing their favorite mobile games. Thus, more and more mobile casino games and exclusive mobile slots, adapted to applications, will appear. And since the production of such entertainment is financially justified, it can be assumed that the industry of mobile entertainment will radically change in the future.

The First VR Casino Games

VR Casino Games

Already, there are full-fledged VR casinos on the Internet that completely imitate offline gambling establishments. In such places, you can chat with other players, feel the very atmosphere of New Vegas of the 50s, and also earn a decent amount of money. In addition, due to the pandemic, the online VR gambling industry will only grow, so we can expect the emergence of global projects in the future. Now, in many online casinos there are special categories for VR games – such entertainments, however, require costly equipment, VR glasses, and so on, but even despite the high cost, they are in demand by many players.

New eSports

Ten years ago, no one would have thought that it is possible to place bets on matches in Dota 2 and League of Legends. But now there is an esports section in every major gambling venue. As for the latest changes, new games have joined ranks of popular eSports, attracting millions of new gamblers. 

Modern technological capabilities allow gambling to grow and form new niches that are of interest to millions of players. The current developers of games for virtual casinos are adopting new technologies and are ready to amaze the audience of gamers with their novelties.

Things that may appear in the future

Now, let’s highlight the possible upcoming changes in the online gambling industry:

  • Biometric face recognition. Some offline gambling establishments are already using technology to recognize the faces of visitors captured by CCTV cameras. This technique is new to the industry, but operators say it lives up to expectations. Perhaps, in the near future, online establishments will use this technology to verify customers.
  • Video Gambling Machines. Recently, Atlantic City developed the first games that combine the classic mechanics of video games and casino slots. Such projects will feature improved graphics and full-fledged plots. By playing them, you will be able not only to enjoy the atmosphere and dialogues but also place bets and win large sums of real money. 
  • Crypto Casino. Already, such projects exist and attract thousands of fans, but soon crypto casinos will outshine classic platforms and become leaders in the online entertainment market. Besides, transactions in such venues will become completely anonymous and untraceable, and the speed of accepting deposits and withdrawing funds will be much faster than in modern casinos.

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