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Boxing is undoubtedly one of the most traditional sports among boxing fans around the world. The betting industry has played a key role in this wonderful world, as boxing fans were betting long before online gambling appeared. Fortunately, nowadays there are many bookmakers that offer their users a multitude of options for betting on boxing.

The sport is divided into various sections: countries, categories, rounds and titles. Each weight division will offer multiple options, allowing you to place your best boxing bets. In addition, these events are organised by the main boxing organisations in the world.

These sites offer you all kinds of markets to help you get the most out of your bets. With this information, at Sports-Betting we have put together a catalogue of the best sites to bet on Boxing. These bookmakers have all types of bets for this sport. As a result, they offer a wide range of markets for any fight that will take place in the near future.

On the other hand, they offer new users Welcome Bonuses and Sign-up Bonuses, with which you will get money to play with no deposit. As with other sports, these Boxing betting sites allow their customers to use the main deposit and withdrawal methods, contact quality technical support and an interface that is 100% compatible with iPhone and Android phones.

Boxing betting bonuses and promotions

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Nowadays, almost all bookmakers offer users numerous bonuses and promotions that are highly recommended in order to win extra money or play without risk. Below, we will explain what these promotions consist of.

Many of the boxing betting operators mentioned above offer improved odds on the best fights in this contact sport. This promotion is very beneficial, as it increases the odds on a boxer’s victory in the fight. Such enhanced odds are usually designed for those users who have not yet registered with the bookmaker in question. As well as being able to take advantage of them at Betfair, you can also play with the so-called Megabets or Superbets at Paston, Betsson and Marathonbet.

Boxing Live Betting

As well as having the option to place pre-fight bets, you can also place live bets. The LIVE betting option is always interesting, as you will be able to see first hand which fighter is better in the ring and, therefore, who has the best chance of winning the fight. All you need to do is register with the bookmaker to be able to bet live on one of the most followed sports on the planet.

Top Boxing competitions to bet on

Currently, the world championships have 12 rounds of three minutes duration. However, the national championships are 10 rounds and have the same length of time. However, there are also smaller competitions with 4 to 8 rounds. This has to do with the large number of entities fighting for the management of boxing, a very lucrative sport.

Other international organisations on whose fights betting is usually possible are the International Boxing Organisation (IBO), the World Professional Boxing Federation (WBF), the World Boxing Union (WBU), the International Boxing Council (IBC), the World Boxing Board (WBB) and the International Boxing Association (IBA).

Boxing betting markets

As a sport with a long tradition in betting, operators offer their users hundreds of markets in which to make predictions. As mentioned above, the pre-fight betting option is usually the most attractive. Below, we will show you some of the most important boxing betting markets.

Winner of the fight 1X2

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How the fight will win:

  • KO; Unanimous, majority decision, draw or knock-out.
  • In which round the fight will end
  • Whether the fight will be decided on points.

Boxing betting tips and advice

Once we have oriented you in relation to some of the most important aspects of the boxing betting world, we are now going to show you a series of tips or advice that you should take into account to make your adventure in the boxing sector even more attractive.

Analyse the fighters well. Something to keep in mind is the previous fights of the fighters. It is important that you review the results that the fighters involved have had against opponents of similar characteristics. Of course, you should also consider the situation in which each of the fighters arrives at the event or the motivation that has led them to the fight.

Don’t bet on your favourite boxer. This is also true for football, MotoGP, F1, basketball and more sports. We advise you to be objective when placing your bets. Don’t bet simply because you like a fighter more or like him better. You should take into account other objective elements that will help you to make more accurate predictions.

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