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1. Choose the right game

There are hundreds of online slots in the Betway Casino lobby. The important thing is to pick the right game.

This starts with choosing a theme and game style. Do you like bonus features? Then slots with 5 or 6 reels are for you. You are more into action? Then choose a game with 3 reels.

Choose a theme that you like. If you like love stories and television, then choose a slot with this theme. You like sports? Then choose a game that has soccer or cricket as a theme and offers bonus features.

2. Always read the paytable before you play.

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Every online slot also has a paytable. This shows the available payouts in a game and provides you with information about any bonus rounds that you can trigger.

The paytable also informs you about available paylines and payout odds of the game. Payout odds are listed in the pay tables of most Microgaming games at Betway Casino.

The payout percentage is the long-term expected payout to players. For example, if the payout percentage is 95%, it means that the player will win an average of 95 dollars for every 100 dollars wagered.

The higher the payout ratio, the rosier the long-term prospects. Of course, the rate can fluctuate; moreover, short-term fluctuations are not taken into account.

3. First determine the volatility

Every online slot is volatile. You need to find out whether there is high or low volatility.

Slots with low volatility come up with frequent but smaller wins. The payouts of winnings are regularly small, but they tend to pile up. On the other hand, slots with high volatility have high payouts, but this case is rather rare.

How can you tell if it is a slot with high volatility? Instead of practically trying out countless spins, you should take a look at the payouts.

Look at the five highest payouts. Do the same with the five lowest. Then compare them with each other. If the difference is big, then it is a high volatility slot. If the difference between the highest and the lowest is small – let’s say it is only three to four times – then it is a low volatility slot.

4. Do not leave the classics to the left

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Most slots with high volatility have bonus features that give you huge jackpots. Slots with progressive jackpots, for example, are the ones that have the highest volatility.

However, don’t leave the classics just because they give you low payouts. They are not that different from your favorite slot machine. True, they only have a few paylines and maybe a bonus feature at best.

But the classics are easy to play, work quite well on a number of devices, and offer plenty of Quick Spins. If you don’t care about free spins or hitting a progressive jackpot, the classic slots are a good choice.

5. Pick a few favorite games and stick to them

The Betway Casino lobby offers a “favorite” option where you can pick games and save them for later.

Just try out a few games and pick four or five for your list of favorites. Try to choose games with different volatility, different themes and bonus structures to guarantee variety. That way, you’ll have a nice selection of games to choose from. And that always pays off in the long run.

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