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That’s why a single machine can be assigned several different betting styles.

The styles are based on the ways in which each player outlines his or her strategies. These strategies can even vary within the same gaming session.

1. Simplify Your Play

If you are a beginner, the best slots for you are the classic slots as they are the easiest to understand and play.

The classic style consists of only 3 reels (also called reels or reels). The symbols are usually: “BAR”, a lemon, a cherry and the number 7. Some “newer” classic schemes feature other figures.

The classic slots have low payouts as the probability to win after each spin is higher: you only need to line up 1 with 3 symbols.

Only after you are used to the classic slots should you try other types of online slots.

2. Watch How Often Prizes are Won

Don’t press the button or pull the lever without first understanding how the slot’s prize system works.

The ones with big jackpots or big prizes are also the ones you win less often.

You should always keep this trade-off in mind and consider whether you accept the risk.

If you want to play safer and longer without losing your money quickly, look for slots that offer smaller jackpots or free spins.

3. Plan Your Play

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As with almost all casino games, winning at slots depends entirely on luck.

That’s why some players will be victorious with only two minutes of betting, while others will spend hours pushing the machine’s button to no avail.

That’s why it is really important that you define in advance how much you want to bet and how much time you plan to spend playing.

Although it seems a simple and even obvious strategy, it is fundamental to avoid unnecessary losses.

4. Don’t neglect the Lines

All the lines in online slots are important.

By using them all, you may receive less per bet placed, but your winnings will be much more consistent!

5. Set Your Bet Goals

Some first-time players look at casino games as a way to make a quick buck.

However, that shouldn’t be your focus.

You should view online gambling as fun, and the money you’re using to play can, at best, be recouped or generate some small profit.

The jackpots do exist, but don’t gamble just to win them.

Slots have an element of entertainment that keeps you entertained even when you don’t win. This fun and recreational character should always be your priority.


Now that you have reviewed everything about the online slots available, it is time to assess the key features to retain.

  • Before you choose a slot to bet on, check out the RTP (High – over 95%) and Variance (High) of each game.
  • Take advantage of Free Spins for free spins.
  • If a casino offers a no deposit bonus, use it to test the house slots.
  • Most online slots offer cash, free spins and bonuses as prizes.
  • It is important to define how much you want to bet before you play.
  • There are 5 types of online slots: Classic, Video, Progressive Jackpot, Licensed and No Paylines.
  • While the Classic slots can give you more wins, the Progressive Jackpot slots are the ones that can offer bigger prizes.
  • Don’t gamble with the sole aim of winning big jackpots, as they will be harder to come by and will take much longer to pay back.

If you follow our tips, it will be easier to be the master of online slots and play safely.

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